Strolling Between Worlds: How a Shaman Experiences Actuality, and What That Means for Psychological Well being


“You realize there’s no remedy for that,” a therapist as soon as informed me in discussing my PTSD prognosis. Yeah, thanks for that, Helpy Helperton. “Oh, however you’ll be able to be taught to handle your signs higher.” Thanks.

Labels might be insidious like that. They’ll really feel like actuality. They’ll come from authority. There’s a way of finality about them. You’ve acquired this factor we’ve studied, and we all know you’ve acquired it perpetually, and ever, amen.

So, I’m the type of man who believes in attacking an issue from all instructions with overwhelming firepower. I see nothing incorrect with mounting a flamethrower to a robotic to clear snow out of my driveway in winter.

If I have been a machine, my efforts to shore up my psychological well being would have regarded like a nutty professor pulling each lever and pushing each button simply to see what occurred. I went by therapists, generally extra typically than I showered. I attempted all types of modalities. Took dietary supplements, actually hung the wrong way up.

Being a nerd, I even constructed an internet type to seize information about my temper, put it right into a spreadsheet and do statistical evaluation. I used to be my very own lab.

One of many issues I got here to early on, that I’ve caught with is the follow of shamanism. I’ve frequently skilled in and practiced the non secular methods frequent to shamanic cultures for some years now. I can say that I’ve been practically 100% symptom-free for a very long time now – however let’s not name remedy, as a result of the science cops will come out and arrest me.

Shamanism could be a little difficult to explain, however I’ll take an outline from Institute for Nondual Shamanism:

Shamanism is an exploration of the various methods humanity has developed to work with actuality and the various realms and internal world beings that help creativity, human evolution and all of life.

I credit score shamanism with serving to me get my emotional crap collectively in three principal methods, although there are numerous others.

  • First, shamanism has given me an experiential understanding of the character of actuality. This, in itself, can result in self-healing.
  • Second, the circles of individuals I’ve discovered with have been amazingly loving and supportive. Optimistic social contact heals.
  • Lastly, the follow itself yanks up the crap we drag behind us in an invisible bag and helps rework it.


Kind and Formlessness

“Thought creates our world, after which says, ‘I didn’t do it.’” David Bohm

What the well-known physicist is speaking about right here is the constructed nature of actuality. It doesn’t seem to be it, however 100% of our expertise of actuality is going on inside our consciousness. This isn’t saying that there isn’t any actuality of we make all of it up, it’s simply that the one method we now have any expertise of “out there’s in there.”

If I maintain up a lemon in entrance of you and ask you to have a look at it, you’ve the expertise of taking a look at a lemon. However actually there are waves of vitality putting your retinas, and your mind is assembling that into the subjective expertise of a lemon. Perhaps a reminiscence of consuming lemonade with a pal emerges, and you’ve got a sense about that. Thus, our whole expertise of actuality is generated.

Row, row, row your boat – life is however a dream.

And sure, we’re totally concerned on this phantasm. It feels real and goal. Despite the fact that we expertise the subjective nature of actuality each second of each day.

There’s information coming into our senses, and our wonderful college of creativeness constructs a 3D sensory, and emotional experiences like no online game designer or filmmaker have ever dreamed of with the ability to create.

The considered it places me in awe. I can’t even grasp the how wonderful our subject of consciousness have to be or what its capabilities are.

Mystics from all totally different traditions, from Christianity to Sufism, to Buddhism share this view. Right here’s a passage from Buddhism’s Coronary heart Sutra.

Kind doesn’t differ from Vacancy
And Vacancy doesn’t differ from Kind.
Kind is Vacancy and Vacancy is Kind.
The identical is true for Emotions,
Perceptions, Volitions and Consciousness.

My follow of shamanism and research of Buddhism and the three ideas of Sydney Banks have allowed me to have an expertise of this formlessness past simply mental data. This alone has been therapeutic in methods I can’t actually describe.

Shamanic Journeys

If we will say that the first follow of Buddhism is meditation, and the central technique of Christianity is prayer, the basic follow of shamanism is journeying.

Throughout cultures, when shamans journey, they use the expertise of trance to entry different experiences of actuality. This trance is normally pushed by rhythmic seems like drumming or droning devices. The expertise is like getting into a dream consciously the place one interacts with serving to spirits.

In journey, actuality may be very plastic. Animals can and can converse to you. You may be capable of fly. As my trainer is keen on reminding us, “there aren’t any guidelines.”

So, what’s happening? After I journey, am I simply making all of it up? Effectively, in a method. Similar to in odd actuality, I’m experiencing a formless actuality. My expertise of that actuality is generated in my consciousness my thought. My stunning creativeness is at work.

Right here’s the factor: Muggles may argue that something that exists in your creativeness isn’t actual. However as mentioned, every thing you expertise is thru the college of your consciousness. That have is subjective.

This isn’t to say that merely imagining a range isn’t sizzling will mean you can place your hand upon it with out repercussions. Altering actuality at that degree of consciousness is hard. Once more, I’m not saying there isn’t any actuality; merely that our expertise of it’s wholly subjective.

By journeying, shamans can entry what we name the void. The sphere of formlessness behind every thing. It’s an expertise of whole consolation, security, and relaxation. There’s nothing however pure consciousness.


Every part is One

Beneath all of it, that void, that pure consciousness is what we would label spirit. To the eyes of a shamanic practitioner, every thing is a spirit.

For those who’d wish to traverse the pure materialist – let’s go along with the Huge Bang idea for a second. Every part within the Universe, together with all of the particles that make up you and I, have been a tiny single factor. That factor exploded and created time and house and every thing. OK, that is simplistic – I’m not a physicist, however you get the drift. So actually completely every thing got here from a single supply.

From a non secular perspective, the concept every thing is one factor may be referred to as nonduality. One other description from the Institute for Nondual Shamanism:

Nonduality is an ongoing exploration into our true nature as pure unconditioned consciousness, the one seamless actuality.

Pure Unconditioned Consciousness

In Douglas Harding’s ebook, Head off Stress, he describes stress as coming from strain from both outdoors or inside. Consider a tire. It’s flat when empty due to the load of the environment and gravity urgent upon it. While you fill it with air, you apply stress from the within to push the partitions of the tire towards the bottom and the environment to fill it up.

Hardin’s prescription for stress is to do workouts which permit one to expertise resting as each nothing and every thing concurrently. No inside and no outdoors means no stress.

It’s my expertise that common entry to that nondual state results in the psychological and bodily therapeutic. The best way I select to entry it’s by shamanic follow. However I do know there are various paths up that mountain.

I believe that profound perception into the character of actuality can simply come to us with out follow. Merely being uncovered to the working ideas of actuality can present perception.

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